3D/4D Ultrasound in Houston, TX

3D 4D Ultrasound Specials

Gender Determination Package


One Visit $59.99

Boy or Girl?  Find out now!

  • Appointment 15 minutes
  • Free black & white photos including a heart beat photo
  • Gender / Genero Determination
  • Audio recording of your baby's heartbeat to save on your cell phone

The Baby Scrapbook Evolution Album


Initial visit 129.99, all continued scrapbook follow-ups 39.99

Build a memory that lasts forever with the option of a  picture of your baby every month beginning at any time.  Recommended at 10 weeks through 39 weeks.

You will continue to use your same UltrasoundsRus USB for all future visits  for the same single pregnancy for updated monthly progression in The  Baby Scrapbook Evolution Album.

2D, 3D, 4D Package Highlight

Available from 10 weeks through 39 weeks.  All  printed photos, saved images and videos new or updated sessions will be  ready to take home by the end of every appointment, please schedule  follow-ups for your peace of mind. 

By appointment only, please confirm your scheduled appointment the day of your appointment by 10am. 


Remember to drink lots of water!

Package details

  • Appointment 25 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Brief Memory Making Consultation
  • Baby Biography 10 weeks to 39 weeks
  • Face Portrait  best at 3lbs and up
  • Gender Check best 18 weeks and up
  • Visual Baby heartbeat photo and video
  • Profile photo and video
  • One color photo
  • Three black and whites
  • USB included
  • Complete session of photos and videos on USB
  • 5th follow-up ultrasound visit Free
  •  Audio recording of your baby's heartbeat to save on your cell phone 

Please drink lots of water before your appointment!

We Specialize in Challenging Situations

Not all pregnancies are the same and some circumstances make it challenging to get good ultrasound photos.  We specialize in taking extra time and making the extra effort to succeed in cases when it's too early to get good ultrasound photos, baby's face is down, placental distractions, advanced pregnancies up to 39 weeks, anxious or stressed mom, etc.  We also accept special requests on a case-by-case basis in situations such as adoption, a handicapped sibling, sick mothers, and circumstances that require extra special care and time.

3D now offered on the Northwest Side of H-Town

7342 Senate Avenue
Jersey Village, Texas 77040

Hours:  Monday - Thursday Evenings by Appointment
Friday, Saturday & Sunday by Appointment

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